Violation Removal

The Department of Buildings (DOB) violations are issued by a DOB inspector and complete at the NYC Environmental Control Board (ECB) or by the Department of Buildings (DOB). ECB violation is a notice that a property (building commercial and non commercial) does not comply with a provision of the NYC Building Code and/or NYC Zoning Resolution. ECB violations are resolved at the Environmental Control Board ECB, an administrative law court, where a civil penalty may be imposed to the landlord although the violations are entered against the property in the Department of Buildings Information System DOB (BIS).

There are three classes of violations:
Class 1 violations are known as immediately hazardous and can result in a violation with a $1,500 civil penalty.
Class 2 violations are known as Major.
Class 3 violations are known as lesser.
To learn more about Types of DOB Violations visit the NYC Department of Buildings.

Clear Violations and Orders

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